Audio Visual Shows

Below are a number of audio visual shows which have been produced using 2 different pieces of software. The early ones were made using Pictures to exe (PTE). Later shoes were made using Photodex Proshow Producer. This is the software that I use currently. I find it easier and more intuitive than PTE. The end results are what matters of course and there is little difference between the two.

These shows are all free to download by clicking on the button

Quirang A/V

A Short walk in the Quirang


This is taken on the Beautiful Isle of Skye in 2012.

Highland Journey A/V

Highland Journey


 A series of images that define what is Highland Scotland.

And Winter Came

And  Winter Came


Images taken in Scotland in Winter.



 First Audio visual 2003.

Death of Steam


 Another early A/V made in 2006
Many of the images taken on Barry Island in the 1970's

12 Months in Scotland


  A short A/V with one Image for each month of the year.

Bootstrap 4


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