The Photographer

Just a little bit about me. I have been interested in photography from being a small boy. I have my father to thank for that. He was a keen amateur photographer who developed and printed his own pictures in a makeshift darkroom. I was fascinated seeing the images appear on the paper in the developing tray in the red glow of the darkroom - to a young boy this was magic to me !

Needless to say it wasn't long before I was doing the same thing, with pictures taken on my Kodak Brownie 127. This was a simple but iconic camera in the 1960's. I soon progressed to an enthusiast's camera a Voitlander Vito 2. This camera was a engineering masterpiece in comparison to the Kodak Brownie. The lens, a colour Skopar, if I recall correctly was a 4 element lens, giving superb clarity which was a springboard for me to become even more engrossed in photography.

Then the usual progression of ever more expensive cameras, the Pentax Spotmatic, the Canon AE1 followed by a switch to Olympus OM1, OM10,and OM2. These cameras, whilst heavy were compact and ideal for outings into the countryside and travel photography.

My last film camera was the Canon EOS500 before making that first tentative step into digital photography back in 2002. My first digital camera was the Fuji 4800Z, which by today's standards was not a great camera, but it was sufficient to quickly make me realise the potential of digital photography. Once the first digital SLR under £1000 arrived on the scene, I had to have one - the Canon EOS500D. I later moved up to the Canon EOS 30D and now have recently become the owner of the amazing EOS 5D MK3. The Canon G7X MK 2 also has a space in my camera bag especially on long hill walking expeditions.

In the film era, I preferred transparency film to colour negative with Agfa my first choice. In addition to colour I have always taken black and white images and still do although now of course these can be converted easily from colour. Many of the foreign travel images on this site have been scanned from colour transparencies. How I wish digital photography had been around when I made these trips !